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Custom Designed Reticles and Targets

Custom Designed Reticles and Targets

Rulers and Targets also available

Our reticles, rulers and targets are produced with chromium on the surface producing an optical density of 2.8.

Perfect for use in magnifiers and a wide range of other applications.

When requesting a quotation, copy and paste the below information and reply to all questions – required for quoting.

  1. Magnifier Model**: If a Peak magnifier include the model number and skip to #4. Specify:
    NOTE: Microscope eyepiece reticles are available only when you provide a CAD file scaled for your microscope.
  2. Do you need a magnifier?
  3. What power is your magnifier?
  4. Color: Black or White, Specify:
    • Black CHROME is standard and used on most backgrounds
      (Low reflective Chrome on Soda lime glass is standard. Other options available upon request).
    • White Etch and Fill is for very dark backgrounds (Adds time and cost/reduces sharpness)
  5. Reticle Diameter (Not required if used in a Peak magnifier) or for target or ruler provide length and width:
  6. Thickness. (1.5mm required for PEAK Magnifiers) Select:
    • ~1.5mm – .060" +/- .004"
    • ~2.3mm – .090" +/- .004"
    • ~3mm/0.120" +/- .004"
  7. Design: Lines, circles, angles, dashed lines, text, etc. (line thickness of 20 Micron standard – other thicknesses available, specify)
    CAD File (Preferred), Drawing or sketch required of the design (Be sure to indicate if dimensions are inside or outside of your lines/circles etc.). Attach.
    • Note: Providing a CAD file with a PDF is best. It avoids a CAD fee and reduces the time to quote and produce. A CAD review fee may apply in some cases.
    • We reproduce customer's design per specifications provided. Customer is responsible for functionality of design.
  8. Printed on bottom or top of reticle (Bottom standard). Specify:
  9. Quantity? Pricing based per quantity ordered.
  10. Date Required [Note lead times are now running 4 – 6 weeks]
  11. Certificate? (Fee applies for B and C): Specify:
    1. No Certification
    2. Certificate of Conformance
    3. Each reticle certified to NIST [This step adds to lead time and requires detailed information about which points to measure]

Please include complete contact information Company, address, contact, and telephone number.

  • Manufactured by: Peak Optics/Japan

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