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Swivel Magnifiers 8x to 30x

Swivel Magnifiers 8x to 30x

These swivel magnifiers are good for working "on the run", unlike most graphics arts magnifiers which need to rest on the object being viewed.
Several have two magnifiers in one frame.

#63 Double Face Swivel Magnifier

This magnifier is 8X (24mm) on one end and 15X (13mm) on the other.
Chrome plated with a vinyl case.

#66 20X/30X Double Doublet Loupes

This double lens doublet has optical quality glass lenses.
Chrome plated brass case and metal housings for the lenses.

#413 Doublet Swivel Magnifier

This 8X magnifier has a satin finish metal case.

#414 Triplet Swivel Magnifier

This 10X magnifier has a satin finish metal case.

#415 Doublet Swivel Magnifier

This 10X magnifier has a satin finish metal case.
It is also available in a gold-plated case as 415G.

Quantity Discount:
10% off when 11 plus magnifiers of the same type are ordered.

  • Models: OPT-G63, OPT-G414, OPT-G415 & OPT-G415G
  • Manufactured by: Arthur H. Gaebel, Inc.

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