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Peak 2035 Head Loupe 2.2x to 5.2x

Peak 2035 Head Loupe 2.2x to 5.2x

The Peak Head Loupe I is an extremely lightweight head-loupe and permits bright, wide and 3-dimensional views by two angle lenses suitable for eyes. A person wearing glasses can use this loupe with their glasses on. This loupe is easily attached/detached by a magic-tape headband, allowing users to use both their hands freely.

The 2035I Head Loupe, equipped with a magnifying power of 2.2x, can be used for even more precise inspection by adding another pair of enclosed angle lenses which provide a magnifying power of 3.3x.

The 2035II Peak Head Loupe II can have such power variations as 2.2X, 3.3X, 4.1X, and 5.2X. By adding an attachment lens to the front of the Head Loupe, increases the magnification to 4.1x and 5.24x.

Superior functions of this loupe are best suited for such operations as professional precision processing, photoengraving, photography; and this loupe also serves in hobbies of model assembling, engraving and precision drawing.

The working distance is approximately 50mm.

For the magnifier over Left eye order 2035II-LE.

For the magnifier over Right eye order 2035II-RE.

With the magnifier over both lens order 2035II-RL

Replacement lens are available : Front lens = 32R , Rear lens = 36R

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For items that are priced over $1,010.00 two or more of the same item must be ordered to receive the discount.

  • Models: OPT-P2035I, OPT-P2035II, OPT-P2035IILE, OPT-P2035IIRE, OPT-P2035IIRL, OPT-P2035II-FL, OPT-P2035-32R & OPT-P2035-36R
  • Manufactured by: Peak Optics/Japan

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