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Peak 1999 Telecentric Loupe 7X

Ultra Dottie II - CTP Calibration/Halftone Analyzers

Ultra Dottie II - CTP Calibration/Halftone Analyzers

Measure true dot area without optical gain.
Ultra-High resolution, self-contained, image-based halftone analyzers for halftones up to 400 LPI.

Basic - Entry Level - For Metal and Polyester Plates
AM/Conventional Screening
Features image display for visual verification and serial data port for downloads.
*Upgradeable to Advanced, Basic Plus, or Ultimate.

The Ultra Dottie 2 "Basic" is an Offset Plate measuring device.

This is the basic, entry level version of the Ultra Dottie 2. It can be used for metal and polyester plates and offers ultra-high resolution. It is a self contained, image-based halftone analyzer for halftones up to 400 lpi.

  • Image display for visual verification
  • Serial data port for downloads
  • AM/Conventional screening
  • Code-Upgradeable to Advanced, Basic Plus or Ultimate. No shipping, no downtime.

Basic Plus
Adds FM/Stochastic measuring to the above BASIC instrument.
*Upgradeable to Advanced or Ultimate.

The Ultra Dottie 2 "Basic Plus" is an Offset Plate measuring device.

This version of the Ultra Dottie 2 has all of the features of the "Basic" version with the addition of FM/Stochastic measuring as fine as 10 microns. Upgradeable to the "Advanced" version.

  • Dot gain
  • Dot area
  • Ultra High Resolution
  • Stochastic screening (FM)
  • Hybrid screening
  • Conventional (AM) screening
  • Code-upgradeable, no shipping, no downtime

Advanced - For All Plates, Proofs, Press Sheets and Films
AM/Conventional and FM/Stochastic screening to 10 microns.
12 LED’s for uniform, shadow-free illumination.

The Ultra Dottie 2 "Advanced" is an Offset Plate measuring device that measures Plates, Proofs, Press Sheets and Films.

True mechanical dot area is measured at 14,000 optical dpi without optical dot gain on plates of all colors. High efficiiency red, green, and blue LEDS provide uniform illumination and long battery life eliminating the need for buky battery packs and AC chargers. Each measurement shows the actual dots as well as additional information on the screen ruling, dot diameter, and screen angle.

  • FM/Stochastic screening down to 10 Micron Pixels
  • Conventional (AM) screening is measured up to nearly 400 lines per inch
  • Upgradeable to the UltraDottie II Ultimate with the purchase of PQS software.

Ultimate - Adds Plate Quality Software (PQS)
All the features of the Advanced version plus plate quality database software for calibration, certification and documentation.

PQS supports:
  • Transfer and automatic storage of measurement values and images in a database
  • Online setting of the Ultra Dottie II
  • Customer and Job database
  • Setup of customer specific reference curves with tolerance specification
  • Online measurements of curves with image transfer
  • Transfer of customer specific reference curves to the Ultra Dottie II
  • Transfer of offline measurement values
  • Comparison of any images and values of the database
  • Display of the characteristic curve and the deviation
  • Comparison of the measurement curve with the reference curve with the indication of the difference
  • Comparison of measurement curves
  • Manufactured by: Beta Industries

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Ultra Dottie II

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