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Peak 1999 Telecentric Loupe 7X

Macro Measure USB Video

Macro Measure USB Video

   The newest USB Macro Measure is a strong quality portable video microscope, completely in aluminium, equipped of a 1.3Mpx USB camera suitable for the all sorts of uses and particularly useful in the quick control of the industrial production.
   It can perform 20-30-40-50-75-100X of magnification (measurement field 18.5mm for the 20X, 3.3mm for the 100X) and exact measures thanks to the "interchangeable objectives with magnetic connection" system.
   A practical focus ring guarantees sharp and quick images, while the illumination is supplied by an high intensity anular light.
   The endowment VIDEO VIEW light software allows smoother images in 1280x960 pixel format with the possibility of capture, comparation, store, linear measurements of the images and films recording with good quality.
   The new USB Macro Measure system is the most high-performance in our "range" of products for quality/price ratio!


Video microscope

Interchangeable objectives
with magnetic attack


(referred to a 17" monitor)
Field of view

18.5x10.5 mm
11,3x6,3 mm
7.7x4.3 mm
6.6x3.7 mm
4.3x2.5 mm
3.3x1.8 mm
Other magnifications available on request
Microcamera USB
  • Image sensor: 1/3" CMOS
  • Sync. system: internal (progressive scan)
  • 1.3 Mega pixels
  • Available resolutions: 1280X960, 1024x768, 640x480
  • Output format: Y800, RGB24, RGB32
  • Automatic white balance
  • USB2.0 interface
  • Operation temp.: -5°C / 45°C

VIDEO VIEW light Software  Video View light


Eye of a needle
Field of view

Mini bulb

18.5x10.5 mm

11.3x6.3 mm

6.8x5.1 mm

6.6x3.7 mm

3.3x1.8 mm
USB MACRO MEASURE (video version) complete of:
- 1.3 Megapixel USB Microcamera
- Video View Light software
- high intensity anular light with dimmer
- Calibration scale
- 2m USB cable (Type A / 4 pin)
- Standard stand for flat surface

- 1 objective at choice between 20-30-40X
code UMM 104092
- 1 objective at choice between 50-75-100X
code UMM 104102
Stand with rolls for inspection also of curved surfaces or cylinders
(instead of the standard stand only for flat surface)
Stand with magnetic rolls for inspection also of curved surfaces or cylinders
(instead of the standard stand only for flat surface)

Stand with rolls
for USB Macro Measure
Rotary-magnetic system

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  • Manufactured by: Lippolis

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USB Macro Measure

USB Macro Measure Additional Stands

Objectives for Video Version

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