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10X LED Scale Loupe with Black Copy Metric Reticle

10X LED Scale Loupe with Black Copy Metric Reticle

10x Magnification
LED Illumination
Reticle scale included

The Lithco 10X LED Scale Loupe is similar to the best-selling Peak 1983, but with LED illumination to provide outstanding display quality. An achromatic (chromatic aberration corrected) clear glass optical system, consisting of four elements and two component assemblies, ensures distortion free viewing right up to the edge. This precision magnifier sets a new benchmark in this price range.

  • Smooth focusing ring for manual adjustment to ensure a clear image
  • Eight LEDs provide high-contrast illumination of the entire measuring field
  • "Standard" Metric Reticle with cross hair and +/-15mm scale; 1 Div = 0.1mm
  • 34mm Field of View
  • Protective Case
  • Batteries: 4 x AG9 (included)

The Lithco 10x Led Measuring magnifier has a smooth focusing ring for manual adjustment to ensure a clear image.

The measurement scale (same type as used in the Peak 1983 magnifier) is made of glass and has a graduation 0.1 mm with a measuring length of 30 mm. The housing contains a ring consisting of 8 LEDs (and 4 x AG9 batteries), which provide bright, high-contrast illumination of the entire measuring field. The conflict between high resolution and wide field of view was able to be fully resolved in this product making it a most efficient inspection loupe. For higher transmission the lenses are coated with anti-reflection coating.

You may separately purchase all PEAK 1983 reticles to use in this unit. Order at the same time or later.

Reticles are available in Black font or White font copy.

White or Black refers to the color of the font copy on the reticle.
Black for light or white surfaces.
White for black or dark surfaces.

Full range of standard reticles available are shown on this page.

Magnification Factor: 10 x
Focusable: Yes
Field of View: 34 mm
Measuring Length: 30 mm
Scale: 0.1 mm
Design: Achromatic, distortion-free
Dimensions: 46 x 44 mm
Weight: 74 grams
Case: Included
Standard Scale: Included in delivery
Box Contains: Lithco 10x LED Standard Scale Loupe with batteries and case

Made in China

Magnifiers with reticles are not supplied with certification certificates.
Certification if required must be sent to a certification lab.
Buyer is responsible for the source and cost.

Note: Batteries cannot be included if shipping DHL. Batteries will be included when using any other carrier.
Unit requires 4 ea SR45 batteries (aka AG9/SG9 and LR936).

Replacing Batteries: Positive side (flat printed) side of the battery faces in.
Click to Download Replacement Battery Instructions

Quantity Discount:
10% off all orders that total $1,010.00 or more on items of the same model. (Accessories and Reticles not included)
For items that are priced over $1,010.00 two or more of the same item must be ordered to receive the discount.

  • Models: OPT-LSL10L-M, MIS-BATLSL, OPT-P1983RETSTD, OPT-P1983RET1, OPT-P1983RET2, OPT-P1983RET3, OPT-P1983RET4, OPT-P1983RET5, OPT-P1983RET6, OPT-P1983RET7, OPT-P1983RET8, OPT-P1983RET9, OPT-P1983RET10, OPT-P1983RET11, OPT-P1983RET12, OPT-P1983RET13, OPT-P1983RET14, OPT-P1983RETSTDW, OPT-P1983RET1W, OPT-P1983RET2W, OPT-P1983RET3W, OPT-P1983RET4W, OPT-P1983RET5W, OPT-P1983RET6W, OPT-P1983RET7W, OPT-P1983RET8W, OPT-P1983RET9W, OPT-P1983RET10W, OPT-P1983RET11W, OPT-P1983RET12W, OPT-P1983RET13W & OPT-P1983RET14W

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Replacement Batteries

1983 Reticles Black Copy

1983 Reticles White Copy

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