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Peak 1999 Telecentric Loupe 7X

Peak 1972 Glass Scale with Magnifiers

Peak 1972 Glass Scale with Magnifiers

The Peak Glass Scale consists of a transparent glass plate, which has graduations marked by means of photo-printing. This scale provides accurate readings since it does not screen an object to be measured from the eyes of the user. The glass plate has a function to resist changes because of temperature changes.

The 300S, 500S, 700S and 1000S are supplied with 2 10x, #1983 loupes without scales. The glass scale thickness = 10 mm.

S-type series have two cursors, on both of which Peak scale loupe 10x (without scale) is set. The confirmation of 0-position and measuring between two points are possible.

Certification of the glass scale

  • Tolerance: +/- (15 + 15/1,000 L)µm
  • Temperature Coefficient: 8.5 – 9 x 10 -6/°C
  • Line width: 0.02 mm

Glass scales are shipped in protective cases.

Item Number Length of Scale Tolerance Min. Scale Division Loupe Size (mm)
1972-300S 300 mm +/- 0.0195 mm 0.1 mm 10 x 2 pcs. 10tx50x360
1972-500S 500 mm +/- 0.0225 mm 0.1 mm 10 x 2 pcs. 10tx50x560
1972-700S 700 mm +/- 0.0255 mm 0.1 mm 10 x 2 pcs. 10tx50x760
1972-1000S 1000 mm +/- 0.3 mm 0.1 mm 10 x 2 pcs. 10tx50x1060

1972-50, 1972-100, 1972-200 and 1972-300 with a single #1962 15X Loupe have all been discontinued

Glass Scale with Inch and Metric Scales.

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  • Models: OPT-P1972-300S, OPT-P1972-500S, OPT-P1972-700S & OPT-P1972-1000S
  • Manufactured by: Peak Optics/Japan

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