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Depth Measuring Video Microscope - 2008 + USB Camera

Depth Measuring Video Microscope - 2008 + USB Camera

The Peak 2008 is a stand microscope that can easily be adapted to become a camera microscope. Our complete kit includes the 2008 Peak microscope as well as a 1.3 megapixel USB camera, a high intensity light source and software.
The software allows the user to: capture, compare and save images, record movies, and to perform linear measurements with the aid of measuring axes (up to 0.01 mm/0.0005").
Compact size, ease of use, flexibility, and price makes the 2008 USB kit the ideal instrument for professionals and technicians in a wide variety of areas including printing, textile, electronics, mechanics and engineering.
In addition to taking measurements on flat surfaces (field of view: 2.8 x 2.1 mm) the 2008 USB can also be used on surfaces with slight irregularities to get 3D images.
For measurements such as angles, diameters, areas, etc. utilize the more complete "Basic Edition" software. A comparison of the performance of both software programs can be seen in the table attached.

Complete Kit Components
  • 2008 Peak Depth Measuring Microscope (choice of magnification and reticle)
  • Special aluminum base ("skirt") for stable viewing (also available separately OPT-DMRASTAND)
  • Mini USB 1.3 megapixel camera and cable
  • Light holder and special high intensity LED light, 2 lithium batteries *
  • Choice of software (Light or Basic edition)
  • Wooden storage box *Optional USB-powered pen light available separately

*Optional USB-powered pen light available separately

USB Pen Light
High intensity light source to be used in conjunction with a PC/laptop.
(Cable length: 2 meters/78")


Description Part # with
Light Edition Software
Part # with
Basic Edition Software
25X with #24 Metric Reticle OPT-DMR25MUSBL OPT-DMR25MUSBB
25X with #25 Tool Reticle OPT-DMR25TUSBL OPT-DMR25TUSBB
25X with #26 Inch Reticle OPT-DMR25USBL OPT-DMR25USBB
50X with #13 Metric Reticle OPT-DMR50MUSBL OPT-DMR50MUSBB
50X with #14 Tool Reticle OPT-DMR50TUSBL OPT-DMR50TUSBB
50X with #15 Inch Reticle OPT-DMR50USBL OPT-DMR50USBB
75X with #34 Metric Reticle OPT-DMR75MUSBL OPT-DMR75MUSBB
75X with #35 Tool Reticle OPT-DMR75TUSBL OPT-DMR75TUSBB
75X with #36 Inch Reticle OPT-DMR75USBL OPT-DMR75USBB
100X with #44 Metric Reticle OPT-DMR100MUSBL OPT-DMR100MUSBB
100X with #45 Tool Reticle OPT-DMR100TUSBL OPT-DMR100TUSBB
100X with #46 Inch Reticle OPT-DMR100USBL OPT-DMR100USBB

Peak Optical Microscope 2008-25 2008-50 2008-75 2008-100
Optical Magnification 25X 50X 75X 100X
Camera Magnification 100X 200X 300X 400X
Optical Field of View 3.0 mm 1.6 mm 1 mm 0.8 mm
Camera Field of View 2.8 x 2.1 mm 1.36 x 1.02 mm 0.92 x .69 mm 0.67 x 0.5 mm
Working Distance 17.0 mm 11.7 mm 11.7 mm 11.6 mm
Eyepiece scale divisions - metric 0.05 mm 0.02 mm 0.01 mm 0.005 mm
Eyepiece scale divisions - metric 0.002" 0.001" 0.0005" 0.0005"

Click to Download 2008 Insert

Click to Download 2008 Measurements and Specs

Kit comes complete with wooden storage box

  • Recognize all peripheral drivers in Windows with WDM drivers. Program selection will automatically import and open the image without having to click and drag.
  • Remembers video settings and will automatically go to them when the program is opened again.
  • Show image at 100% with a simple click.
  • Automatically shows image at full screen view.
  • Guide settings in cm, mm, μm or inch.
  • Easy to add comments to an image.
  • View multiple images simultaneously: cascade, vertical or horizontal.
  • Flexibility to save images with comments in standard formats (jpg, bmp, png, tif, etc.) as well as saving the original image at maximum resolution in a predetermined folder.
  • Open various images simultaneously in all standard formats.
  • Work with one or two pairs of X-Y axes (can color code and format thickness), rotate and lock them to get measurements in degrees and seconds. Axis can be moved with mouse or keystrokes.
  • Subdivision of X-Y axis into sections which can be color coded and labeled differently.
  • Can make high quality movies in three formats up to 1280 x 960 pixels.
  • Zoom in sections from 10% to 250%, up to 768 x 576 pixels, and up to 500% in some screens. Will keep small window with original sized image showing the portion being zoomed, can be dragged easily. Will go back to 100% view with a single click.
  • Allows printing of one or two images per sheet in horizontal with automatic or custom settings.
  • In addition to English, software can be set to operate in Italian, German, Spanish and French.

Click to view full size

ACCESSORIES (Call For Pricing)

Pen light USB
With extra high luminous intensity led
to be used in presence of a PC/laptop.
Almost unlimited duration.
(cable length: 2m)
Pen light USB UV
With ultraviolet led (365 nm)
to be used in presence of a PC/laptop.
Almost unlimited duration.
(cable length: 2m)
Portable power kit
composed of a rechargeable lithium battery
and a power supply for USB devices
Aluminum skirt for Stand Macro Check
Pratically indestructible,
it makes more stable and accurate the microscope.


The possibility to use 2008 USB also with a low video magnification respect to the 100X actual minimum one (measurement field 2.8x2.1mm) is given from the new accessory STAND MACRO CHECK that allows a magnification of 6.5X (measurement field 41,8x31mm).
This new "stand" is practical and quick to use, in fact it is necessary to unthread the micro camera from 2008 USB and thread it over the Stand Macro Check. So it will be possible to have a wide field for the images capture that very often will be usefull to annex to the magnified particular obtained with the 2008 USB.
The focus system is controlled from a ring of the type used on professional cameras; the lighting can be performed directly from the environment light through its transparent acrylic base or using the pen light, yet on endowment to the 2008 USB, if insufficient or if you use the aluminum base (accessory not included).

  • Manufactured by: Peak Optics/Japan

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2008 Metric Light Edition

2008 Tool Light Edition

2008 Inch Light Edition

2008 Metric Basic Edition

2008 Tool Basic Edition

2008 Inch Basic Edition

2008 Accessories

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