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2014-40-FLAT / 2014-40-ROLL

2014-40-FLAT / 2014-40-ROLL

The new 2014-40 pocket microscope (made entirely of aluminum) is an optical instrument for precision measurements (measuring range 3 mm - accuracy 0.01 mm). It has the advantage of being portable and easy to use.
It can be used in many sectors of industry: in mechanics to measure Brinell indentations, the distance between small bores, the size of engravings; in the construction sector the variation of the thickness of small cracks over time; in textiles the control of warps; in chemistry the quality control of painted surfaces; in graphics to control registration mark and halftone dots.
The 2014-40-FLAT model has a base for flat surfaces, while the 2014-40-ROLL has a base with rubber rollers for curved surfaces.


Code 2014-40
Magnification 540X
Field of view 5 mm
Measuring range 3 mm
Working distance 30 mm
Min. scale division 0.5 mm
Division of the knob 0.005 mm
Power supply 1 AA lithium battery 3.6V-2.7 Ah
Size 80 x 85 x 180 mm
Net weight 580 g


  1. Measuring scale in the eyepiece: 3 mm measuring range with 0.5 mm division (0.005 mm on the knob).
  2. Horizontal reference line: fixed, used to align the object under examination with the measuring scale (without moving the microscope) by turning the rotating base.
  3. Vertical moving axis: is moved by the knob with nonius (the excursion can exceed the field of view laterally).
  4. Measuring divisions: each division corresponds to the shift on the X axis in the eyepiece by 5 microns.
  5. Knurled knob: allows an easy control of the measurement.
  6. Eyepiece: turn the eyepiece to focus on the graduated scale inside.


The rotatable base allows to view the part to be measured without moving the base from the focused subject.


2014 Microscope 40X with FLAT base
code 2014-40-FLAT
2014 Microscope 40X with ROLL base
code 2014-40-ROLL

  • Manufactured by: Lippolis

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