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Stand Micro

Stand Micro

The Stand Micro is a pocket microscope 20X/40X very strong, completely in aluminium, practical and manageable.
It can be used as tool of universal measure for the control of surfaces, to measure the diameter of small holes, meshes of textiles, etc., but thanks to its particular technical characteristics it has been immediately appreciated as ideal optical instruments of Brinell indentations.
Its led annular lighting (6000°K) incorporated high luminous intensity allows easy measurements of cracks in the materials on plain and curved surfaces (this last if provided of special base).
The precise focusing by means of knurled metal ring coaxial with optical axe allows the control and measuring in movements on "Z" axis up to 7 mm through a nonius with centesimal divisions.
The ocular is provided of a measuring reticle of 6 mm with divisions of 0.05 mm and it is possible to regulate it in the focusing suiting it for your sight. The alignment of the division notches with the object to be measured comes rotating the block of the ocular avoiding in this way the moving of the tool or the object under examination.
The great practicality in the use of this device is due in particular way to the possibility of transversal micrometrical movement of the optical head on the object to be measured through a screw cursor.
The maximum excursion of the cursor is 8mm and is controllable on its nonius with centesimal divisions; with this system is possible an express and precise alignment of a scale division of the ocular with a point of the object to measure.


Similar to the Stand Micro, this new optical measuring device differs from the first one because it has the possibility to be place also on curved surfaces till the minimal beam of 40mm thanks to its detail support base.
In order to allow a comfortable and immediate frame of the surface to examine or to measure (cylinders the much long or of large dimensions) the base is revolving.
On request at the order Stand Micro Roll can be supplied of magnetic base.


Magnification 20X 40X
Field of view 7.2 mm 4.3 mm
Min. scale division No.16: 0.05 mm
No.17: 0.0025” (on request)
Nonius division 0.01 mm
Z axis nonius division 0.1 mm
Measuring range 8.0 mm
Working Distance 20 mm 35.5 mm
Case 245 x 160 x 100 mm
Total weight with case 1400 g

Stand Micro 20X Microscope
Code 2012-20-FLAT

Stand Micro 40X Microscope
Code 2012-40-FLAT

Stand Micro Roll 20X Microscope
Code 2012-20-ROLL

Stand Micro Roll 20X Microscope (with magnetic base)
Code 2012-20-ROLL-M

Stand Micro Roll 40X Microscope
Code 2012-40-ROLL

Stand Micro Roll 40X Microscope (with magnetic base)
Code 2012-40-ROLL-M

  • Manufactured by: Lippolis

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