Peak 1983 Scale Loupe 10X

Peak 1983 Scale Loupe 10X

Peak Scale Loupe 10X has precision-constructed achromatic lenses (coated 4 elements, 2 groups), a photo-printed scale and focusing ring.

Magnification: 10X
Field of View: 32 mm (1.24 inch)
Scale Length: 30 mm (1.17 inch
Minimum Scale Division: 0.1 mm
Eye-piece: 20 mm
Size: 46 x 44 mm
Net Weight: 74 g

Pitch 1mm, Diameter 38mm for base threads.

The contradiction between high resolving power and wide visual field has been completely eliminated from this product so it can provide efficient inspection.

It comes with a convenient carrying case.

Most Common Requested Reticles

-Std reticle scale, cross hair with metric scale on horizontal plane, zero center reading, scale divisions 0.1mm
-13 reticle scale, inch scale on horizontal plane, zero left reading, scale divisions 0.005"
-14 reticle scale, cross hair with inch/metric scale on horizontal plane, zero left reading. Zero center
inch: 0.4 in each direction. Div = .005, metric: 10 in each direction. Div = .1
-8 reticle scale, metric scale on horizontal plane, zero left reading

Full range of standard reticles available are shown on this page.

Products 1983, 2004, and 2028 all use the same reticles

Reticles are available in Black copy or White Copy.

Custom Reticles quoted upon request.

Tolerance for reticles ± 0.05mm for the total measuring range of the reticle.

For easier viewing see the Peak 2028 which combines the 1983 with a flash light.

For ordering Scale Loupe sets which include five kinds scales see Peak 2004.

Replacement parts shown below.

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5% off all orders that total $1,010.00 or more on items of the same model. (Accessories and Reticles not included)
For items that are priced over $1,010.00 two or more of the same item must be ordered to receive the discount.

  • Models: OPT-P1983B, OPT-P1983NR, OPT-P1983-STD, OPT-P1983-1, OPT-P1983-2, OPT-P1983-3, OPT-P1983-4, OPT-P1983-5, OPT-P1983-6, OPT-P1983-7, OPT-P1983-8, OPT-P1983-9, OPT-P1983-10, OPT-P1983-11, OPT-P1983-12, OPT-P1983-13, OPT-P1983-14, OPT-P1983-STDW, OPT-P1983-1W, OPT-P1983-2W, OPT-P1983-3W, OPT-P1983-4W, OPT-P1983-5W, OPT-P1983-6W, OPT-P1983-7W, OPT-P1983-8W, OPT-P1983-9W, OPT-P1983-10W, OPT-P1983-11W, OPT-P1983-12W, OPT-P1983-13W, OPT-P1983-14W, OPT-P1983RR, OPT-P1983RETB, OPT-P1983BASE, OPT-P1983RETSTD, OPT-P1983RET1, OPT-P1983RET2, OPT-P1983RET3, OPT-P1983RET4, OPT-P1983RET5, OPT-P1983RET6, OPT-P1983RET7, OPT-P1983RET8, OPT-P1983RET9, OPT-P1983RET10, OPT-P1983RET11, OPT-P1983RET12, OPT-P1983RET13, OPT-P1983RET14, OPT-P1983RETSTDW, OPT-P1983RET1W, OPT-P1983RET2W, OPT-P1983RET3W, OPT-P1983RET4W, OPT-P1983RET5W, OPT-P1983RET6W, OPT-P1983RET7W, OPT-P1983RET8W, OPT-P1983RET9W, OPT-P1983RET10W, OPT-P1983RET11W, OPT-P1983RET12W, OPT-P1983RET13W & OPT-P1983RET14W

  • Manufactured by: Peak Optics

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