Lithco LithoMag Folding Loupe - 10X, 12X, 20X

Lithco LithoMag Folding Loupe - 10X, 12X, 20X

Available in three different magnifications (10x, 12x, & 20x) to match your needs.

These are the best general purpose magnifiers for use in all areas of graphic arts production from pre-press to press.
All three feature achromatic lens systems which can be focused for individual eyesight and also have fully color corrected lenses.
The lens folds into a sturdy base, and has a lock-ring on lens which maintains focus.
There is ample hands-free working space under the 10x and 12x models.
The 12x also features an extra wide field of view lens.
Comes with a protective pouch.

Add-on Light for 10x and 12x Folding Magnifiers
  • The LumaMag add-On light dramatically improves visibility
  • Great for the Press Room
  • A Must for viewing stochastic dots
  • Simple to add into your existing magnifier
  • Long Lasting batteries include

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OPT-LM10 is Currently Unavailable
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  • Models: OPT-LM10, OPT-LM12, OPT-LM20, OPT-LM10L & OPT-LM12L

  • Manufactured by: Lithco Optics

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LumaMag Add On Light

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