Tolerance of Metric Reticles

Part Number Magnification Value of Tolerence Total Measuring Range Scale Divisions
1975-STD 7x 0.05mm 20mm 0.1mm
1983-STD 10x 0.05mm 30mm 0.1mm
2016-STD 15x 0.025mm 14mm 0.1mm
2037 30x 0.01mm 5mm 0.1mm
2055 20x 0.01mm 4mm 0.1mm
2044 8x to 16x 0.02mm 8mm 0.1mm
2066 10x to 20x 0.02mm 6mm 0.1mm
2008-25 25x 0.005mm 2mm 0.05mm
2008-50 50x 0.005mm 1mm 0.02mm
2008-75 75x 0.005mm 0.5mm 0.01mm
2008-100 100x 0.001mm 0.5mm 0.005mm
2034-20 20x 0.005mm 3mm 0.01mm
2034-40 40x 0.005mm 1.5mm 0.05mm
2034-60 60x 0.005mm 1mm 0.02mm
2034-100 100x 0.005mm 0.8mm 0.01mm
2034-150 150x 0.001mm 0.7mm 0.005mm
2034-200 200x 0.001mm 0.4mm 0.002mm
2034-300 300x 0.001mm 0.3mm 0.001mm
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